Unlearning the Programming

Many of us don’t realize the way we see the world is based on the programming we received from our childhood.  Since we have picked up these beliefs from our parents, society, and from those around us we don’t even realize it.  The innocent child within loved our parents and those adults around us so we took it all in what they have taught us and a lot of it may have been negative beliefs they have picked up from their parents as well.  Then as we journey through life something triggers us to become aware and question our beliefs, our actions, and our feelings towards certain events that come up in our lives.  We then are given the motivation to search for the truth.  We find that we must begin to unlearn all the negative programming we have taken in throughout our lives and therefore reprogramming the truth.  Have you felt the trigger to question why you believe what you do?  Why you do the things you do?  Why are things not working in your life?  Our journey begins to find the truth….Please share below your experiences. I would love to hear stories on what triggered you to start questioning your choices and forced you to become more aware of your actions.

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