The Constant Battle

Are you finding there is a battle going on inside your head?  Your higher and lower self constantly going at it?   An example would be ” I am excited to get my business started and I know I can do it, its so me”  vs ” No, it won’t work out,  I’m really not good enough and people will think I am crazy and weird if I do this.”  This is all too common and most of us deal with this daily.  At this point in my life, I become aware of this battle and let go of the negative chatter.  I acknowledge it and then release it, allowing my higher self to lead each time.  Some days when we are tired or worn out it becomes harder to do this, but don’t let it consume you.  We can still try to release it or just come to a place of peace, by walking through a field such as the one below and using affirmations such as ” I allow my higher self to lead, I release all that doesn’t serve my highest good.”   In every moment we have a choice, do we chose to live by fear or by love?  Love will set you free!

Many Blessings-

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