We all have the POWER to Heal our Bodies.

How many times have you been told this is what you have and you will have to live with this condition and be dependent on medication for the rest of your life?  Did this resonate with you?  I know it surely did not with me.  I was told for the first time that I had a medical condition last year in July of 2018.  I was also told by a cold and egotistic doctor that I would need to follow his instructions, trust him and don’t ask questions, just do what he says.   Well, I just refused to believe I would have to forever be on a medication and the fact that I could not even get my questions answered was just plain wrong.  This is my body and I will not just do as you say.  We can work together or not at all.  I ran out of that doctors office so fast.  I was scared, upset, and angry.  I had to take a moment to calm myself so that I could drive home.  Life is a journey and I can tell you it is not easy, but it does not have to be hard for long.  If we trust that our natural state is good health and if we understand that our body’s way of communicating with us is through our symptoms.  So many of us don’t have time for symptoms so we pop a pill, put on the band-aid and keep on doing what we are doing… until the symptoms get louder and louder or until we are knocked off our feet!  The Universe is trying to get our attention to look within.  Something needs to change in our lives.  Then when we reach that point of desperation it is often the time we will actually surrender.  That my friend is when the awakening begins and our true healing journey begins.  We CAN heal our bodies.  I believe this with my entire being.  I want to coach and mentor all those willing to do the work and look with in to reach a place of freedom and healing.  We are all in this together equally, maybe at different levels, but we can help each other and learn from each other.  The Universe has our back and so it is.

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