It’s the little things that are the big things.

I am at this point in my life when things start to get busy or overwhelming, I pause and take a deep breathe and try to focus on something simple like the tree outside my window. I watch it as it moves slowly with the wind, swaying back and forth. I begin to feel calm and remember I am part of that flow. The tree with its beautiful deep green is my teacher showing me the way. I then am able to refocus and get back to what is needed to get done with a healthy mindset that has been quickly recharged. There are a lot of different things I am learning to turn to when I get myself into “one of those days”. Such as, my fireplace. I lose myself in the beauty of the flickering of the fire and the warmth that is soothing like a blanket of comfort. Another one that I just recently experienced was an airplane flying by in the sky full of stars. I was trying to unwind after attending to my four kids and all their needs that always seem so important right before bed. lol. As I watched the plane slowly fly by and the flickering lights glowing along the sky, I began to feel my shoulders drop and neck loosen up. The sound as it passed over my house was soothing and comforting as I remember this feeling as a child dreaming into the sky and I remind myself its okay to keep dreaming I am still me. I am also a mother and a wife, but inside I am still that shiny little dreamer and I smile as I snuggle into my pillow.

It really is the simplest things that make an impact in our lives. The sounds of the waves from the lake or the splashing water. Have you ever had a cup of coffee and sat outside while the sun comes up? It is such a peaceful feeling and its a much needed feeling to remind us that this is how life is supposed to be. We are meant to live a life full of deep contentment and joy. Our children can help to remind us of these special moments. For example just recently I found my sons hovered over a rock. I went to go see what all the hype was about and decided to just sit with them and stop what I was doing to enjoy this moment of calm watching closely how these ants were storing their food. I allowed my mind to just be as I sat with them and laughed and listened to them all excited to have found this very interesting family of ants.

The present moment is our gold, as within these moments we are directing our lives…to move into a loving or fearful place. Keeping awareness regarding our thoughts and feelings and shifting our minds when needed will help us to continue moving into a positive healthy direction. If you really think about it worrying and becoming fearful does nothing for us, but wastes our precious moments and also brings more fear and worry our way. Focusing on the simple things is a great tool to help us to shift quickly. This has had a profound effect on me. It has changed my life. I am a very busy mommy and business owner and I am constantly turning to the simple things each day as gifts from above that direct my life into a path of joy and contentment.

I would love to hear some of your simple things that help bring you back to calm and peace. Please feel free to add your comments and please share my blog with anyone you feel may benefit form daily dose of inspiration and some positive vibes. 🙂

Have a beautiful day and get some fresh air! That is my plan today to walk around the block and smell all the smells that spring brings. Til tomorrow my friends. May peace and love by yours.

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