Precious Sleep

I hear this so often, I don’t sleep or I only got 3 hours of sleep. You know what, I have been there. After I had my 4th child I was 6 weeks into my role as Mommy to four children, trying to do it all. I attempted a high impact work out (Turbo Fire from Beach body) that I was actually excited about as I always jumped right back into a workout routine after all of my other pregnancies. Little did I know my body wasn’t having it. I did feel a little more tired than normal that day, but pushed myself to “get that workout in” like so many of us do instead of listening to our bodies. My body and my mind were exhausted! Well, learned a quick lesson as halfway into workout I had my first panic attack. I had no idea it was a panic attack and I was pretty scared as my heart was racing and I felt like I could not catch my breath. After this experience, I could not sleep anymore. Mind you, I also had a newborn baby that I was breastfeeding, but I just could not get restful sleep. I was having nightmares or would just lay there worrying and obsessing over God knows what. I had to do something because I was not someone interested in any kind of medication.

Move into many months later and after some therapy, meditation, yoga, along with a lot of reading, I was back to myself. The crazy dreams were gone and I was getting the much needed rest and down time my mind and body craved. So many of us live our lives ignoring our bodies alarm system. So many of us take it for granted the good health we have and continue to smoke, get drunk after a long day of work or on the weekends, or else overeat until we get food poisoning. It is interesting to me as we feel “that won’t happen to me” or “I just don’t want to think about it and live my life”. I get it, I really do, no one wants to have to worry about their health or think about illness. However, all it really takes is a few basic things. Sleep, stillness, healthy foods, moderation, and continuously doing the things we love that feed our soul. We all know what is “bad” for us. We need to live our lives trying at least to make healthy choices and by not ignoring that our bodies are changing and our needs are changing. Its not realistic to go out and party until you puke when your well in your 40’s. We don’t recover like we used to and it really damages our bodies and brain even if you feel like your hangover is not that bad, trust me it’s still not something your body wants or needs. Moderation is key. Also, getting proper nutrition and hydration is a must when deciding to go out to have drinks with friends and family.

Sleep is SO important for us. So much healing is done during our precious sleep. I believe sleep is the number one healing remedy. If you are struggling with getting at least 7 hours of sleep each night, here are some suggestions I have that might help. First of all, I find that eating your last meal should be well before you plan to go to bed so that you won’t have a full belly. Secondly, plan to get to bed as early as possible (I know with kids it is ridiculously hard), but keep trying and don’t give up. The next suggestion is to make sure all lights, sounds, and distractions are out of your room. Maybe light a yummy candle and read a book to help get you in that calm, resting mode. I find this very helpful, but remember to grab a book that is positive and uplifting so that you go to sleep with a healthy, happy mindset. I hear a lot of woman saying things like, but my mind won’t shut off and I just lay there. I have been there and if your mind is really giving you a hard time as something is really bothering you, I would suggest meditation. Meditation or listening to a guided meditation CD is very helpful. I remember when I first tried meditation, I could not get my mind to quiet. That is when I decided to try a guided meditation CD. I did this for the first time on my lunch hour at work in my car laying back in my seat!! Seriously, I parked my car at the far end of the parking lot so no one would hear it and think I was a weirdo (this is before I was able to let go of what people thought of me lol), and off to la la land I went. It was amazing. The man’s voice on the CD was so comforting and he was able to get me to a very peaceful place. After I did this CD for a while I then started to practice doing a meditation on a pillow while trying to become aware of my breath. This took some time, but before I knew it I started using this meditation before bed especially on the days I needed it most when my mind was going crazy worrying about work, finances, you know the normal crap we tend to worry about. Once you get it down you can do this anywhere, going for a walk, driving in your car, or even at an event that is taking all your energy. It is so very helpful. I highly recommend you try to include a meditation practice into your nightly routine. It works wonders for sleep. I will include the CD that got me started with my own practice. I hope you will consider giving it a try. I also hope all of my readers will truly give sleep the importance that it is and continue to listen to your body. If your body wants a nap, take a nap! If your body is craving sleep than do what you can to allow extra sleeping in on the weekends.

Our minds and bodies are not meant for this go go go lifestyle we have given it. We humans created this crazy and busy life. We always have a choice and we can start to choose more wisely and become aware of how we are feeling. If you like to journal, I would suggest getting a notebook or writers book that has some powerful message or beautiful picture on it that inspires you to get on the right track with your life. Start writing down those important things you want to achieve for yourself each day and try to jot down how you did. Before you know it you will be a pro at getting to bed early enough and clearing your mind. Practice makes perfect, well not perfect, but a routine is born and you are well on your way to peaceful sleep and amazing health.

May deep restful sleep be yours, remembering that you are safe and loved, the Universe has your back as you connect with the light through meditation and prayer. Blessings Always- Marcia

Here is a wonderful guided meditation CD, you can find it on Amazon:

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