Today I am Tired

Do you ever have one of those days? When we have so many things that need to get done, yet we are tired. Maybe we didn’t go to bed early enough or maybe we just did not get the quality sleep we needed. Either way, we are tired and we just don’t feel like we are up for what the day holds for us. It is days like these when we are challenged, especially when mother nature is not helping and we step outside to a cold and cloudy day. How do we get in a better mood? Load up on coffee at the office or stop at the local Starbucks? Yea, that might help, but that might also make us jittery and irritable once the caffeine high wears off. It is days like these that we need to call out to the Universe for extra help. Being tired and feeling irritable is still no excuse to curse at the lady in front of us for going too slow or making a mean comment about how someone dressed for work today. That is not okay, but we do it. I now am pretty aware of days like these when they show up. If I make the mistake of saying something rude or mean to my husband or family member out of pure habit and past programming, I will recognize it and immediately apologize. I no longer can say or do something that does not align with my higher self. If I do slip and it is going to happen being human, I will try to correct myself right away. The more I do this the less it happens.

I have found that on days like these I pause and check in with myself asking what is it that I need right now? I try to let myself know that external things really can not force me to become moody, that is all on me. I then will try to make an extra healthy breakfast smoothie with extra mind boosting fruits and veggies. I will enjoy my cup of coffee, but be mindful not to overdue it as I want to feel good and not jittery and nervous. I will also go out of my way to try extra hard at saying nice things and thinking positive thoughts. After a while I will truly start to feel better. The key is awareness. If we can become aware of how we feel and utilize the tools we have to shift into a better mindset we can change our whole day which then this changes our week, which then changes our month, etc.

If you happen to be someone who ends up in the pathway of a crabby, tired person, its probably best to try to get away from them if possible. If you cannot avoid this person it is best to activate your awareness now more than ever so you do not take on their negativity. If they are snapping you will need to stay calm with slow breathing and let their comment bounce off of you. Don’t let your ego get take over and give them what they deserve. This person is suffering and not feeling good. The last thing we want to do is add to their misery by snapping back at them. It is going to be difficult to do this, but I promise you it’s the best thing for you to do to keep your light heart and positive energy flowing. It always bothers me when I hear someone saying “Oh, I showed him or her by yelling profanities or threatening them”. That really does not solve anything. It just keeps us separate and in that cycle of fear and hate.

This is our world and we can make a difference by offering a positive more loving place one person at a time! We all have these days! Lets uplift those going through it with love and understanding instead of getting offensive and angry. A persons mean words are not about us, but all about them. If we can continue to understand this, we can really make a difference. Give it try. Here is an example; A person comes into the office muttering angry words complaining about this or that to you. You look up and tell them they look pretty today. It will catch them off guard and slow them down. It’s the start and then slowly keep coming back with a positive remark at anything they try to throw at you. Watch and see what happens. Their demeanor changes and they calm down and start to drop their shoulders as the tension starts to release. It is amazing to see. I have done this with past co-workers and it makes my heart so happy to see that I have helped make their day better, even if they have no clue what I just did.

May you continue to practice awareness and join in with helping to make our world a better place one person at a time.

With love always, Marcia

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