Work on Changing YOU, not them

I want to talk about self help and self improvement. How many of you blame someone or something for your anger or problems? How many of you have thought about where you are in life and if you like where you are? These are thoughts that have come up for me right around 40. I decided I was done “fighting” with the world. I would get so frustrated when things would not go my way and analyze how to change future outcomes. This is so exhausting and absolutely no way to live. I also would use alcohol to numb my anger or frustrations which does not help as the next day the feelings are still there and sometimes stronger.

I started to consider reading self help books. I had it in my head that there HAD to be a better way to live. I had no idea at the time, but I was making life much harder than it needed to be for myself and my family. I also could not understand why a lot of older people were unhappy with where they were in life. I would think to myself that this is NOT going to be me. I will find the way to reach a place of understanding and therefore peace and contentment with life. I also feared illness and death and would wonder what is it all for? I was raised Catholic and even had questions about the bible and what is right and “wrong” with how to live your life.

The first book I read on this journey was “Soul Shifts” by Dr.Barbara De Angelis. This book came into my view while browsing other topics like making life easy (lol). It looked like something I had never read before talking about mystics and souls. I read the reviews and they were all excellent so I thought why not and ordered it. From the minute I opened the first page I felt swept off my feet like I had found the teacher I so needed. Everything she was saying resonated with me on a deep level. It was then that my awakening began.

Part of becoming aware and working on ourselves is an awakening to your truth of why you are here. We all have a purpose here and life is not supposed to be difficult. Once we learn these principles it becomes easy to understand and put into practice. This was also around the time I was able to go deeper in my meditation practice which allowed me to release a lot of negative thoughts and feelings that I had shoved down so deep for so many years.

After I was doing this work on myself for several months and I started to slowly change and grow spiritually I realized that I saw life differently and also become even more aware of how so many people were still in this state of sleep, which is going through the motions of life never wondering why they are here or what their “job” is here on earth. I noticed people blaming others for their bad day at work. I noticed the anger in people much more than I had before. Why? Because I had finally got my answers!! I found a route that made sense and did the work and saw the improvements and the changes. I saw the changes around me from how I responded to negative people or situations. It was so so wonderful to feel that peace and knowing that everything is gonna be okay. I am totally okay. This life is okay and I can relax into the flow.

If any of you are finding that you are angry or frustrated a lot of the time or feel like there has to be something more to this life, please reach out to me as I have some wonderful books to start with. I can also support you to start your self help and improvement journey. I can be reached easily through the link on my blog. These books have changed my life for the better! There are so many components to include in the work for self empowerment, but once we can reach a state of which is our true souls calling, then we can help others find their way as well. How we respond to a negative person or situation changes the whole outcome rather than just getting lost in the negativity, which can easily happen if we are not conscious and stay conscious. It all starts with us.

May you find your awakening during the beautiful journey you are on reaching peace, joy, and contentment.

Many many blessings, Marcia

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