Quiet the Chatter

We all have that inner voice inside our head that is constantly either saying positive or negative things. It is pretty interesting when I really become aware of the constant dialogue in my head. Sometimes when I wake up in the morning I find it starting up the minute I open my eyes. “What will I eat today?”, “Should I meditate or sleep in longer?” “I should get up and meditate, but I am tired.” UGH, on and on it goes until I decide to get up and meditate after all. In meditation I go into a relaxing, happy place where I find peace and quiet. It is this practice that keeps me moving forward with focus and ease. It was about 6 years ago when I started my journey with turning inward and I was determined to get my hands on every book I could to deepen my understanding of the mind and body connection. One of the earlier books I read was “The Untethered Soul” by Michael Singer. This is another one of my very favorites. I hold it dear to my heart. It is so comforting to know there are so many people before you that are willing to share their experiences and wisdom through their books. I will forever by grateful for the gift of books. I highly recommend it to get a better understanding of the mind and how we are not the voice of the mind, but the one who hears it.

Fast forward to today I am still amazed that after all the work I put into meditation and mindfulness that chatter still shows up. However, with my awareness I am able to quickly shift to a calmer mindset using the tools I have learned through my studies. Another important thing is the positive verses negative talk. Hearing the chatter is annoying, but when we hear negative chatter it is the worst! If we can learn to quiet the mind it would make us so much calmer and content. One of the best ways I have learned to quiet the mind is through awareness. For example when I am taking a walk I will really get into looking at the beauty all around me basking in the sunlight and taking in all the smells. Recently, when I go for a bike ride it is more of focusing on where I am going, but I usually find that happy childhood memories and feelings come up as I have not rode a bike in so long!!! These are some of the joys I find that take me away a bit from the busy life I have. I also enjoy sitting in my hot tub after a long day and feeling the warmth of the water cover me like a big blanket. I love to listen to the sound of the water whooshing around while I look up at the stars in the night sky. It is sooo peaceful!

There are many things we can do to take us away from the crazy for a while. It is so important to get that quiet time. I know when I go too long without it I just don’t function as good. My steam runs out. Finding the quite time such as a nap, reading a good book, walking, or riding a bike are all some great getaways for a mind break and recharge. The more we do it the quieter the chatter will be and the calmer we will feel.

I hope you all have a wonderful day and may you find the time to see the beauty in the world in nature and in those around us, hear the sounds of laughter and joy, and smell the spring air or the food cooking right before lunch break. Life is GOOD!!! We can all find our happy place right here right now!! We must CHOOSE happy. We must CHOOSE awareness.

Love, peace, and joy always, Marcia

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