Anxiety and You

If you or someone you know are suffering from anxiety please read or forward. So many people are living with some form of anxiety and they don’t even realize it. Anxiety can show up as many symptoms and some can be very scary. Hence, all the emergency room visits that end up with an anxiety or panic disorder diagnosis. I want you to know you are not alone and you are not crazy. I have an amazing book I am going to recommend at the end of this blog post that I hope you will consider reading if you are suffering from any form of anxiety. It was the one thing that really helped me heal from anxiety and panic disorder.

I am sure I have always had some level of anxiety growing up like many of us do, but being a type A personality, being raised in a fast paced environment, and most likely being predisposed to picking up stress around me, my anxiety that was once mild and pretty normal turned into much more. I noticed heart palpitations out of the blue after my daughter was born and of course ran to the doctor to have an ultra sound of the heart. Everything looked fine, but they found a trace of a leaky valve which was normal and they told me not to worry about it. How could I not worry about it if I felt these awful sensations? I started talking to people who had any kind of leaky valve and asked if they had any symptoms and most said no. Long story short, that was not causing my symptoms. My body was storing pent up nervous energy and it was showing up as symptoms as I was not releasing my stress, anger, and anxiety like I should be. I was shoving it all in trying to do it all and pretending everything was okay.

I started searching for answers for all these symptoms that were showing up which of course just made the cycle of anxiety even stronger. I had no idea. I prayed for it to just go away. I was not able to sleep and if I did fall asleep from exhaustion I would wake back up with a racing heart from a crazy nightmare. I saw a therapist and we figured out I was having anxiety and she offered medication. I was happy to get an understanding of what I was experiencing, but I needed to know why this was happening and how to get it to stop. She was not able to help me with that so I moved on as I was not interested in medication. I then embarked on a journey of studying the mind and body connection and specifically what caused anxiety. I even tried brain training when they try to get your brain waves to slow down. I started to do yoga which really helped me to relax when I was there and meditation helped too, but I was not really getting the understanding of how to stay calm and centered in the mist of chaos. How to live everyday free from worry, fear, and anxiety?

Finally, the day came when I read this book, “A Life at Last” by Paul David. This book was the answer to my prayers. I finally was able to learn how to break the anxiety cycle for good. We live in a stress filled, fast paced world most of the time. With that, I know I really can’t be completely free of anxiety, but with the knowledge I have gained from these wonderful individuals who wrote these books I am free from holding onto it. I highly recommend reading these books I list below or sharing this information to those who may benefit from reading this post. Anxiety can be healed and you are not alone. For more information please message me through my facebook page (link is on this blog home page). I have so many resources and helpful tips I can provide for individuals that feel lost as I did so many years ago.

Healing hugs to all, Marcia

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  1. Many thanks for this brave post and the resources, which I found very helpful.

    1. Thank you for your comment. I am so glad to hear that you found my story helpful. It is my passion to uplift and help others from what I have learned. My hope is that even if its just one person a time, we can change lives. Blessings of peace and love to you -Marcia

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