CELERY JUICE-I love you!

So, if you haven’t heard all the hype yet, than your missing out! The Medical Medium has just released his newest book, Celery Juice. It is an addition to his other amazing and life changing book collection. If you have not heard about him or his books, please consider looking him up on social media. His recommendations are changing lives. People are healing which is then impacting their work, health, and relationships.

To be honest, when I first got my hands on his book, I was completely overwhelmed with all the information that was provided. It was way over my head and I had decided to put it down for another time. Well, it sat in my room on the floor for months until another one of his books came out Life Changing Foods. Of course, being a total book nerd, I had to get my hands on that one as well. Once I received the book I went right to work highlighting and tabbing important information that truly resonated with me. This book was a lot easier for me to absorb as it narrowed in on specific foods that were healing to the mind and body and each food had a list of actual symptoms that a person might be dealing with. When I came to the section on celery juice I was intrigued. Never really a big fan of celery, I was surprised to see all the health benefits that juicing this food could do for the mind and body. Still, I was not motivated enough to go out and buy a juicer and do all that work!

Fast forward a few months later and out of no where I developed some digestive issues which required some testing. During one of my ultrasounds, unexpectedly a cyst was detected on one of my ovaries. My doctor recommended I see my gynecologist for further investigation. I made the appointment and went to see my gynecologist as soon as I could. They confirmed the cyst and also stated that I would need to have immediate surgery to remove it as after testing negative for cancer it still could possibly turn into that or even burst or continue to grow. Luckily, because of all of my studying on holistic health and wellness I didn’t panic. I asked the doctor to give me at least three months to see if it might just go away. He persuaded me to get the surgery, but in the end being that it was my body he agreed to give me the three months. As I was driving home, I thought to myself the time has come to buy that juicer and start drinking the celery juice as recommended by Medical Medium. After reading what I had, I truly believed that it would heal whatever was causing the cyst. I also tried to follow the diet recommended as best as I could, but I did not follow it perfectly.

I juiced the celery every morning 16 or more ounces as recommended by the Medical Medium in his book on an empty stomach. I also stayed positive and believed that my body was healing a little more each day. Three months later I went back to the doctor confident that my body corrected itself and I had no worries while doing the follow up ultrasound. Sure enough, the doctor came in and looked over the paperwork several times before looking up at me to tell me the cyst was completely gone. He was really surprised as he said he had never seen a cyst that size disappear that quickly. I thanked him for allowing me the time to heal instead of forcing me to get the surgery. I also told him I juiced celery for three months straight and I truly believed that helped my body to heal itself. He looked at me and laughed and said something like orange juice is good too.

Facts are facts, people are healing including myself. The digestive issues I had in the beginning of all of this is also healing. I am witnessing healing every day and seeing is believing. I have no doubt in my mind that what the Medical Medium preaches in his books is true. I hope you will join the rest of us that are on the journey to excellent health and well being. Don’t wait until an issue arises to start juicing celery. Start now and add it to your daily routine. Will you let your skeptical mind stop you? What have you got lose? Its celery, a food that can only get you healthier. It shocks me that so many people are all for running to get medication which is full of side effects and toxins, yet when I talk about the healing benefits of foods from earth they laugh and say yea sure okay. It is your life in the end and the ones that are open to healing from natural methods are the ones that will find true health. I encourage you to check out Medical Medium’s newest book Celery Juice, it is an excellent start that will not overwhelm you.

If you or someone you know is suffering from some form of illness or ailment, please forward on this information. We can change lives one person at a time!!

Health, Healing, and Happiness, Marcia

4 thoughts on “CELERY JUICE-I love you!

  1. Thank you for sharing your beautiful story. So grateful for a community of people who are taking charge of their lives by healing through foods and not pharmaceutical medicines.

    1. Hi JoeDene, Thank you so much for your comment! I love to hear from my readers! Yes, I agree! I am truly grateful for those who went before me on their own healing journeys and shared their stories as well. I hope you have a wonderful day! Many Blessings, Marcia

  2. Thank you Maria

    1. You are very welcome. I wish you all the best on your healing journey. -Blessings, Marcia

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