Personal Growth

Why do you do the things you do? Do you ever think about that? Is it because that is what your parents did? Is it because that is what your friends did in college? Could it be that you learned what you didn’t want to do growing up so you do things opposite from what you learned in your childhood? At some point many of us start to question our ways and if they are the best choices for us. I believe every single person on this earth is here to learn how to better themselves and reach their highest and best version of themselves. We are all in this life together going through similar struggles, breakthroughs, and triumphs. Those of us that are vulnerable enough to tell our stories will help to support others and comfort them as they stumble along searching to find their way as we did.

Ever wonder what your purpose is here on earth? Why are you here? Why do some of us start to ask these questions to ourselves while others couldn’t care less as they just go about their day doing what they’ve always done. It is very interesting to me. It could be that some of us are just born and wired a certain way so full of questions. We are the ones that will strive to find answers. Either way, I believe all of us can inspire, uplift, and encourage another human being one way or another. If someone is excited to share what they have learned to better their lives why not listen just because it might actually help you in some way. I have noticed that many people are very set in their ways, their old programming and are very closed minded. How can you ever better yourself if you think you know it all? No one knows it all. We could all benefit from keeping an open mind and an open heart to what someone is nice and kind enough to share with us. God bless those souls who have the courage to speak up and share what they have learned knowing they may be attacked or made fun of.

What does personal growth mean to you? To me personal growth means constantly trying to learn and achieve new ways to better your emotional and physical health. This is the most important goal as without a healthy mind and body you won’t really be able to reach your best self. Think about that for a moment. We owe it to ourselves to practice self care each and everyday which includes your mind and body. Secondly, personal growth is asking yourself questions like; Do I like who I have become? Am I living my truth or am I just going through the motions to fit in like most people out there? It is okay to realize that maybe there is something more for you…something that comes from a deeper place inside of you. How are you growing mentally, physically, and spiritually? How can you make even just a little bit of a difference in this life by becoming the best version of yourself and sharing the best of you with those you meet and interact with? I love meeting new people and hearing their stories. I find that meeting new people is the best way to practice your listening skills as much of the time they love to talk about themselves and their family.

In closing for today, I would love to get you thinking about who you truly are? Who are you? What are your passions? What do you LOVE to do? What makes your heart happy? I know this is deep…but it is a good question! How can you grow into the best version of you? Do work that you love. Let’s make this world a little better by having you in it. Be that person!

Ponder on this may be surprised at what comes up. 🙂

May you hear your soul speak and love him/her.

Blessings for an awesome day! Love, Marcia

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