You Got This

I ran to Target last night to get my favorite oat milk. Just a while earlier I was thinking that I really needed to get back on track with a daily work out routine. I was doing an awesome power hour in the morning when the kids were in school, but now that they are home I was getting to bed way too late. I didn’t think too hard about it, but it was definitely in the back of my mind. So, here I am in Target and as I am walking toward the foods, I think to myself I may as well walk past the fitness aisle to see if they have anything that will excite me to get started tomorrow. I get the milks and quickly head over to the workout equipment and DVDs. The very first thing I see as I come into the aisle is a bright red fitness journal (I LOVE journals). It said the words “You Got This” on the front. Seeing this immediately got me all excited and motivated and it felt like this was placed here just for me. This was just want I needed. The inside was super neat. It was simple and very pleasing to the eye as far as how the print and designs were laid out for your writing. The journal was also out of place and put on a rack of DVDs. As I picked it up right behind it I noticed a DVD that had 5 ten minute workouts by Jillian Michaels. She has always been one of my favorite trainers. I could not believe it! The DVD had a workout for each day of the week (Monday through Friday) just as I had wanted. I felt like this was an example of communication with the Universe. I didn’t have much time to shop and so here it all was laid out for me. I grabbed the journal, the DVD, and added a new workout mat then headed to the checkout lane feeling pretty satisfied.

Today, I am ready to start my new plan. Sometimes all it takes is a walk past the fitness aisle…lol I truly needed something as even though I still rode my bike and walked everywhere, I wasn’t doing any weight training or toning since the kids got out of school. This new DVD combines yoga, pilates, and weight training for a full body workout in just 10 minutes a day. Plus, now I will have a journal to help me track my progress. Yippee! I mean seriously, who can complain about 10 minutes?

So, if any of you are feeling sluggish or lacking motivation to get back on track with your workout routine, try something new! Head towards the workout clothes, shoes, or DVDs next time your out. See if something sparks your interests and gets your heart excited. It does not have to be a crazy expensive gym membership or super hardcore workouts. But, if that is your thing and it makes you feel good, awesome. I just want you to know that it doesn’t have to be in order to get results. You can get results in a shorter time too. The key is consistency and giving it your all in that short amount of time. Eating healthy is a HUGE part of getting the results you want as well. Try something that will work with your summer schedule. We truly need to continuously adapt to our changing needs. Change is always good for us. It will help us to grow in ways that will challenge us and make us stronger and wiser. We always need to remember one very important thing and that is that we are all unique in what will make us tick. The goal is to find your true self, work with him/her, and do what is best for YOU.

You Got This!

Many blessings for a healthy and happy body, Marcia

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