One of Those Days…..

Mama said they’ll be days like this. They’ll be days like this my mama said. I am telling you, what is it about some days? Days when we just wake up with a headache? Days when we wake up feeling irritable? Days when reading and doing our daily workout (things we love don’t even sound good). I guess I could call it hormones or not good enough sleep, but who really knows. So, I just call it one of those days! It is days like these that will really challenge us. No matter how healthy we eat or how early we go to bed, they still show up out of nowhere. Our hair won’t look quite right or our clothes won’t fit quite right! We look in the mirror and our face is puffy!? What the heck?? Ugh, do you know what I am talking about?

For me these days are very random, but when they show up in my life thankfully I am usually prepared. As soon as I recognize it, I take a deep breathe and prepare my mind for the challenge. I acknowledge that maybe I will just need to move a little slower today and be easier on myself. Most of the time once I get going, I will start to feel better anyways. On these days I know it is imperative that I get outside and suck in the rays of the sun for at least 15 minutes. Also, I to try to eat extra healthy so I don’t make myself feel worse from lack of nutrition. I will try to take a short walk too and/or do some light stretches to get the blood flowing through my body. I also have found that music tends to help uplift my mood as well and I will try to get some tunes going.

If we are not careful our “one of these days” attitude may affect our spouse or children if we don’t become aware and practice tools to bring us to a higher consciousness. None of us are perfect and we all have days like these, but if we work on awareness and how to control our responses despite our not so good morning, I believe the day will turn itself around. It is hard no doubt about it, but I believe it is imperative to practice the skills for days like these as they will show up and we need to be prepared to shift them. How we feel will effect every aspect of our lives. Such as our choices and how we will communicate with others. It is so important to get to know yourself so well that you recognize one of these days and get to work on how you will turn it around. Begin with some deep breathes and some light stretches. Try to eat a light breakfast that consists of healthy carbs. I personally juice 16 ounces of celery on an empty stomach first thing in the morning no matter how I feel. It always gives me a boost of energy. I also enjoy organic brown rice and oat pancakes with a lot of wild blueberries and raspberries made from scratch. Feeding your body healthy foods in the am will start your day off on the right track. Our bodies need fuel even if you are not feeling hungry it is still important to try to eat a little something before starting your busy day. Call that friend or relative that makes you laugh and definitely avoid the co-worker that brings you down. Take a break if you can and walk through a book store looking for something uplifting to read or listen to a podcast of a powerful, inspiring person you admire. If we float through our days they will control us, but if we become aware of how we feel and get to work to make healthy choices based on our needs for that day we will become empowered and our life will flow in a positive direction.

I hope everyone has a good day today and if today was “one of those days” for you, just know that I am with you! We can turn it around!!

May your day be full of love, light, and laughter, Marcia

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