Hey Beautiful

I have to frequently give myself positive self talk as it is too easy to get consumed by all the negative programming of worry, doubt, and burnout. Right now I have all my kids home from school and as much as I love them deeply with my whole being I am not gonna lie, I also look forward to them going back to school. Never mind that I don’t get a single minute for any self-care, but they add to my chore list! Kids will be kids, but I can easily find myself getting worn out from the constant reminders I have to give them to clean up after themselves. My kids are good kids don’t get me wrong, but this is all just part of the parenting deal. How can I teach them to be respectful individuals by not taking for granted the life they have been given? I am constantly trying to teach rather than scold. There are some days that are more challenging that others, but the fact that they are mine and at home with me is an opportunity to help them to grow and learn to be the best they can be even though it can be so exhausting when they exhibit resistance. I refuse to allow myself to get lost in the chaos. It does not matter how many times my plans get derailed due to another unexpected clean up from the dog or kids playing too rough, it is imperative that I stay centered reminding myself it’s okay. I know my heart is in the right place and that I am always striving to think, say, and do what is the best thing arising from my Highest Self.

Even those few minutes when I can escape to the bathroom to take a quick look in the mirror while washing my hands is enough to give myself more love and encouragement. Words like “I know it seems hard, but they (the kids) are healthy and you are doing a great job,” bring me comfort. Stepping outside, I will take advantage of the smell and sounds of watering the grass and flowers. I especially love when the sun is going down to take those few minutes to give thanks for my day crazy or not, I am blessed and I know this. Every day is a gift and we just have to give ourselves that little pep talk that it is all okay. When they go back to school I will probably miss them…the crazy thing about being a mother. The easiest time is when they are all sleeping peaceful in their beds safe in the comfort of my home and the house is quite and peaceful. These moments are priceless.

For those of you who have kids home from school or just feel like life sometimes gets a little too crazy or messy, remember to have that pep talk with yourself, you are doing the best you can and if you need to make changes, you can do just that. Take that opportunity even if it has to be just a bathroom break to look at yourself in the mirror and love her and give her words of empowerment and encouragement. This my friend is how we THRIVE!! We are powerful, strong women and we got this!

Hey beautiful, YOU got this!!!

Love, light, and laughter, Marcia

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