Get ready, set, GO!

I have been reading so much about how people in the workforce these days never want to give anything more than what their “job” requirements are. Have you ever went above and beyond at work? Have you spoke up and shared your ideas or do you stay quiet out of fear? This is a different world than what was. We, the people are valuable. All of us. We each have a story to tell, a struggle we went through, and/or something we have learned along the way. If we could all share our wisdom with others instead of secretly keeping it all to ourselves, what a wonderful team we would have. Working together is key for a successful business. Gossip needs to completely go. No one will benefit from gossiping in the office place. Also, the ego that generates the feelings of competitiveness needs to be released. There is nothing wrong with wanting to move ahead in life by learning from others and getting your hands on materials that will educate you to become even more valuable to your team, but becoming aggressive and rude while not sharing and allowing others to learn from you won’t get you to a place of peace and contentment even if you do reach the top.

Do you ever think about where you are in your work place? Do you feel valued and appreciated? Do you come home from work feeling exhausted and over worked? Sure, these days will most likely happen for all of us at some point, but if it is happening to you more often than not, well then maybe it is time to question if this is the best environment for you.

So many of us live on autopilot and get lost in the chaos of life. I did too! Not anymore! I cannot ignore the signs any longer and if you have a passion in your heart that is calling out to you than you should not ignore it either. Boredom, anxiety, depression, and sadness are all signs that something is not working. The good new is in today’s world we have so much freedom to do what makes us happy, what feeds our souls, and what makes us thrive!

So today I would like you to ask yourself this question; Am I living the life that is aligned with my soul? Do I feel happiness or have deep contentment in my work and family life knowing I am doing all that I can to get there? Am I self medicating to ignore adversity which is a bridge to breakthroughs and a-ha moments? It is okay to allow yourself to feel what comes up. It is actually crucial in order to understand what the body and soul is trying to tell you. We must learn from this. There is always growth from trials and tribulations.

Let us stop stalling and making excuses!! Let’s do this!!

May you find the time to hear the whispers of your soul and move into living your truth little by little, just do something to get you closer and closer. We most stop ignoring those “feelings” that tell us there is something more…. Listen to your heart.

Ready, set, GO! 🙂

Blessings of peace and inner knowing,


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