Just Be

When life gets busy and there are too many decisions that need to be made while it feels like time is not on our side, we must pause. It is the moments like these that will make us or break us. In life we all have big decisions that will need to be made one way or another. By taking the time to pause and just be with the quiet allowing the mind to settle down will help us to get clarity, therefore giving us what we need to make our decisions with confidence. It is so easy to get lost and confused when life brings trials and tribulations, but I find that taking the time to be with nature or in the quiet and comfort of your own home, we can check in with ourselves, with our inner light that is always welcoming and waiting for us. Whether it is through meditating, riding your bike, or walking through nature, it is then we can make the space for our truth to be heard. Our inner knowing that will guide us and comfort us as we move forward with our journey releasing uncertainty and reaching a place of calm and trust.

I encourage you to pause today and remember who you are, what you stand for, what brings you joy, and what your passionate about. Let it all arise and fill you with joy and peace. Maybe you will get a flashback from when you were a child feeling wild and free and loving life. Maybe you will get a memory of your first love and get a glimpse of those feelings as they pass through you. Whatever comes up in this time of pause, allow it to fill you and remind you that life is GOOD and feelings of love, joy, and contentment are our birthright. We were not meant to suffer and live life just trying to get through our days. We just need to take the time to just be in the moment and remember who we are and strive to live the life that is our truth, that makes sense to us, that drives us to do what it takes to be free!

Many blessings of peace and remembrance, Marcia

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