Do YOU have the COURAGE?

What would you do if fear was not there to stop you? How would you live your life? I find it so interesting that so many of us know things, things that we have learned regarding what is good for us and what is bad for us, yet we don’t do anything with this knowledge. We also learn from what we have experienced in our lives. Most of us that have had an experience that was unpleasant may think, “I am not doing that again or if I do I will do it differently”. However, even with what we have learned, heard, or read, it seems to not really sink in for many of us. Most of us know what will keep us healthy, yet we still keep reaching for the junk. What is it that stops us from making that change? What stops us from living what we know? Could it be the fear of being uncomfortable for a just a little while? The fear of what people will think of us if we make that change and try to better ourselves?

What a waste to carry this inner knowing your whole life and not do anything with it. I can understand that change is scary. A lot of us are so comfortable with the behavior we have known since our childhood. We may do well on our own, but when we get with our friends and family we bounce back to our old habits out of comfort. We must recognize when we are surrounded by that which does not serve our Highest self. The more we steer clear of the old programming and outdated ways that no longer serve us, the better and stronger we will become with continuing to live our truth.

If we all could just do one thing each day to get us closer to living the life we were all meant to live, we would change the world. Fear is the driving factor of so many horrible things that we see in our world. Then there are those of us that so badly want to do something about it, but stay small out of fear that we may shake someone up and not be liked. I hear a lot about how many people just want to be liked and feel a sense of connection. I totally get that too. I actually remember bonding with women in my younger years gossiping terribly about other women. I remember leaving this group with mixed emotions. I was happy to be able to laugh and bond, but felt guilty for indulging in such gossip about other human beings. I didn’t want to be that person anymore, yet I feared losing friends. It wasn’t until I learned to trust myself and to be strong enough to not settle for anything less than what feeds my Higher self. It isn’t easy to always say positive and say kinds words as we are all human and having days when we get frustrated and curse or say something we immediately regret, yet it is how quickly we respond to correct ourselves that will set the stage for our continued growth.

May you take the step each day to recognize what may not be serving your Highest and best self and make that change to get you closer to your truth. As we remove the layers of years of programming little by little by becoming aware of who we truly are, what OUR beliefs are (not someone else’s), and taking the time to contemplate the small changes we can make to live an authentic life, we will find and live our truth.

What would you do if fear was not in your way? Does this or will this support your Highest and best self? Well then, my friend go do just that!!!! FIND THE COURAGE! I believe in you.

Blessings for courage and strength, Marcia

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