Fall Leaves

I can remember walking home from school at about the age of 10 and making sure to step on as many leaves as I could to hear that satisfying crunch sound as I stepped down on them. Not only that, but the smell in the air of the wet leaves and grass from the soft rain shower was comforting to me. Sometimes I wonder if people even notice these things anymore. We get so busy with our lives that I sometimes think many of us are not able to really enjoy the beauty in the change of season. It is so much more than just Halloween. Autumn is so incredibly beautiful. I believe it is a great time to reflect as well on how much we have to be thankful for. As I look out of my window this morning I am in awe of the vivid colors between the deep blue of the clouds to the bright green of the trees swaying in the wind. The weather is perfect for those warm cups of coffee as you walk your child to the bus stop or play with your dog outside. This morning the sky was so clear and the moon was so bright. It is truly amazing. These moments remind me of the miracle of life and how we are part of that. If we can tune out the noise by joining the trees in allowing the wind to lightly stroke our hair and look for the leaves that have started to change it will give us an energy that we so need in this world. Let the changing leaves remind us to welcome the new whatever that may be and propel us forward into another season of growth.

I am sure most of you can agree that fall is an awesome time of the year. Trying to get a few more bonfires in with a warm bowl of chili and our favorite dark beer is the best. Filling the house with apple pumpkin candles and fall harvest decorations is an exciting time for many of us! My youngest loves to pull out the furry blankets to prepare for the chilly nights. Oh, and we can’t forget about the glorious warm donuts from your favorite cider mill. Lately, I have been loving the cinnamon ones!!

Let’s slow down this fall. By taking some time to just go for a short walk and really enjoy all that is around us. Maybe we could do some cooking with the ones we love. I know my kids would be happy to bake Halloween decorated cupcakes every night if I would let them. Ha! Let’s help our kids slow down too. With all the back to school activities autumn will just past them by and so as parents we can help them remember what is truly important by inviting them to join us as we embrace all the awesomeness the fall leaves bring.

Hoping this time of the year brings you comfort and joy, Marcia


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