The Year for Self Care

As we approach the new year I find myself reflecting on past choices and routines wondering how I can do better for 2020. I am sure this is something many of you are also contemplating. How can you take better care of yourself? Can you make more time for yourself to have stillness? Can you wean yourself from self medicating or are you becoming addicted? Should you drink less alcohol? Do you think you need help in any area of your life and maybe it’s time to get that help? There are so many taking sleeping pills and/or anti-anxiety medication without thinking about the long term effects it will have on your mind and body. Our bodies are built to heal and shift back to balance if we focus on giving it the true care that it needs. I am talking about emotional, psychological, and physical care. Why do some of us think of this and some do not? Some are happy to take any drug that the doctor will give them without a second thought while others will ask questions and wonder if this is truly needed. The way I see it is that those of us that are wired to be cautious and to look into these medications for side effects and long term dangers need to help those who just don’t care. My brain tries to understand how a person can not care about what they put into their body. If you do your research and listen to your body you will find healthier ways to get through the hard times in life, but medicating oneself just sets you up for addiction and/or more issues to appear from long term use.

I watched a movie last night called “Judy” about the talented Judy Garland. It really made me think about how much people are hurting and how they don’t even get a chance to get better when drugs are constantly offered to cover up the pain which then completely spirals out of control. It is so easy to get addicted to medication prescribed from these doctors that are not educated enough on the dangers or even truly care about the patient. There is not an easy way through the tough times in life. We must go through the struggle, feel the pain, feel the uncomfortable feelings in order to heal. By numbing ourselves to erase the feelings or pain just blocks the potential to heal and grow. We must make the time to sit with ourselves and ask ourselves questions like; How do I feel? Do I truly need to take the xanax or the sleeping pill or should I be going within to investigate what is causing this imbalance in my life? Then going about slowly making those changes and adjustments. We have forgotten that our bodies are miracles and have the ability to heal. Medication has its place, but it should only be used as a bridge to healing. Believe in the healing process, surrender to Him (GOD), and do your best to give your body and mind the self care it needs in the form of healing foods, rest, and most importantly LOVE. Love yourself by giving loving positive self talk to yourself. Look into your eyes deeply and tell him/her that you love them and it is okay as you will never leave, as you will always be there loving and supporting yourself. As the late Louise Hay always said “Life LOVES us all. Look at yourself in a mirror, breathe in, and say, LIFE LOVES ME. As you breathe out, smile.”

I know this is a tough topic and some people are probably thinking you don’t know me or how hard it is. True, I may not know you and/or know your pain, but I have experienced my own pain and deep fear enough to be offered medications as I struggled with the decisions to accept or push forward connecting with my inner divinity. Healing is very possible for all of us. You must believe in yourself and your body’s amazing power to heal. The same Power that gives us air to breathe and makes our hearts beat is the same Power that can heal your mind and body if you tap into it. Remember who you are as you go into this new year. You are a Divine soul with a purpose in this life. It is up to you to find your purpose and work at healing yourself along the way so that your light will shine brighter and brighter lifting each layer of the veil that has darkened your world. We are all in this together. I am with you as I go into the new year as your friend and soul sister. I believe in you! Let’s make this the year to shine brighter than ever, one soul at a time. When we feel good and healthy we can help others.

“It is GOOD to feel GOOD!” – Gabby Bernstein

I pray that 2020 brings you the strong urge to become the best version of yourself, removing all that no longer serves you while trusting in the Universe to guide and support you on your journey.

All my Love, Marcia

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