A Quest for Freedom

What is the soft whisper that gently comes up when you find yourself in a quiet space? Could it be your soul calling you to go within? Does the life you are living align with your values and beliefs? Are you going through the day-to-day motions allowing yourself to float through life? Do you ever ask yourself if life could be more? Do you have a deep gut feeling, a knowing that something is missing? You actually feel that there is more, but also feel stuck like you almost can’t breathe on somedays as it all becomes a jumbled mess of to-lists and obligations.

This my friend is true for so many of us. We are so much more, and I don’t mean in the sense of achievements. Living a life of deep meaning and purpose is our true journey while we are here. We have within us EVERYTHING we need to be healed, to be loved, and to be of service. That light or power, if you will, leads us to living abundantly and will come naturally once we are in that flow of truth and peace.

This whisper may become louder in the form of stress, anxiety, and depression if we continue to ignore it. Our body has an inner alarm system that was made to alert us if we get too far from our truth. Our truth is a life of balance with deep meaning that aligns with our passions. It brings us feelings of fulfillment with deep contentment. We should not ignore what we are feeling. Feelings teach us about ourselves. We need to listen and try to understand what our feelings are trying to tell us.

We all want to feel loved, heard, and seen. How many of you can actually say you feel this? May it be at work, at home, or in your friend group, do you often feel like you are not getting what you had hoped for in that space? Carrying around baggage of resentment, expectations, and disappointment will hold you back. It will be heavy, so heavy. The weight will become unbearable if you do not become aware of where you are headed.

Life is a journey my friend, of awakening to your Highest self, your truth, and your soul’s purpose. It is a beautiful dance of ups, downs, and turn arounds. We are going to make mistakes, have failures, and get knocked down. We are stronger than we think, and we have this amazing power that we can tap into to help us find our way. We are not meant to walk this path alone.

I am with you on this journey of self-realization. I am here cheering you on from a safe space that I hold just for you. I hear you and I see you.

Love & Light, Marcia

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