Let’s Teach Our Children

Let’s teach our children that it is okay to fail, to learn from their mistakes.

Let us teach them resilience and perseverance.

Let us teach them to forgive and to love thyself.

Let us teach them to put in the work and sweat to reach their goals.

Let us help them to know how to trust in their Divinity and not follow the crowd.

Let us help them to find the present moment, to ponder in the beauty and magic in this world.

Let us teach them to love deeply with their whole heart…

Let us teach our children to to see the truth in themselves and in the world…..

Let us teach them the power of the mind and the results of our choices….

Let us teach them to live without debt and within their means, understanding material things won’t bring happiness…

Let us teach our children to know the difference between what will harm us and what will nurture us.

Let us teach them to speak up and not be afraid to say no.

Let us encourage them to read the bible and find God in the way that it makes sense to them…

Let us teach them to express themselves and to communicate their needs with emotions such as anger, sadness, excitement, confusion, frustrations… letting them know it is better to express and release and to try to understand what may be causing these emotions to come up, rather than stuffing it down.

Let us teach our children by showing them, being an example of all the work we have done within ourselves, allowing them to see us fall and get back up, cry it out, say we are sorry quickly. Let us teach them when we admit that we were wrong and what we could have done better. Show them how well we take care of our bodies and minds by our choices and habits, allowing them to see the good days, the bad, and how we never stop trying to best we can be.

Love & Light, Marcia

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