What is Love?

Love is the essence of your being. Love is the truth of who and what you are. And yet, people think that they need to “get” love from a person or a thing. Our purpose is to express the love that we are and enjoy the feelings it produces when we share our love with others. Self-Love then is how we feed the truth of our being. Self-Love, which is God at our core, is what our soul is always craving. How can we ever be fully happy if we are not living from our true state of being?

Feelings that come up are teaching us about what needs to be forgiven and released. It also helps us to become aware of what needs to be looked at so that we can choose again. We may realize that we were not living from a place of love, but rather judgement and/or ego.

We have all had moments of feeling pure bliss at times in our lives. This is when we have allowed ourselves to be in a space of pure consciousness which allowed the truth to be lived. The more we become aware from the times in our lives when we are not feeling good; The more we can do the work to achieve our true state of happiness, which will happen without alcohol, drugs, and/or constant distractions from TV or entertainment. These things may serve a purpose from time to time, but most people are not even realizing that they are numbing themselves from the truth of life. We all have a purpose here on earth. Some wake up to this realization sooner than others, but we will all have to face this question; Why am I here? (eventually). Why not ponder on this question now? Am I living a life of purpose and meaning? What can I change to bring me closer to my truth? Am I ignoring a call within to do something else with my life than what I am currently involved in? Question everything! Why do you do the things you do? Why do you believe what you believe? Does it truly make sense to YOU, or have you just decided to believe something because that is what everyone around you believes?

It all comes down to LOVE, every time. Are you living from a place of love? Do you feel like something is missing? After all the fun, games, parties, and achievements, are you feeling fulfilled or is there still a yearning deep inside for something more, could it be love?

Could it be God? Could it be time to plug into the Source of all of life? Would it make sense to plug into that Source to fill that empty place in your heart? It isn’t a person, place, or thing. These things will come to be enjoyed, shared, and loved once you have truly plugged into your Source, which is the truth of who you are. All feelings come to us to teach us about how we are living our lives. Feelings help us recognize that something might need to change. Ignoring and shoving them down will only cause suffering. Allow everything to come up so that you can do what you need to do and heal. But remember to be kind to yourself as a parent would be to a child. Your inner child may be crying out for help, acceptance, and love. Always look at what comes up with an innocence, knowing that you are human, and mistakes will happen, but you were given freedom to learn, grow, and choose again.

Life is AMAZING and every day we have a free choice to live our life how we choose. Think about that! How awesome is that? We have TOTAL freedom! I don’t know about you, but I sure don’t want to waste any more time on meaningless distractions. Our thoughts create our world, and everything has an effect on us. Becoming aware of negative habits and/or thoughts and flipping it to a positive will literally change your world.

All humans truly desire to be loved, to find love, and to feel love. Do they not? How can we all bring more love in our lives and to the lives of others?

Our Creator is always with us to the extent which we will allow. We are free to choose Heaven or Hell right here, right now; each and every day. It has always been up to us. Most of us have just been asleep….

Love & Light,


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