The Brilliant Butterfly

You are the brilliant butterfly. It is your story of transformation. It is your story of remembrance and truth. We are all called, one way or another, to get back to the truth of our being. Every single one of us serve a purpose here on earth. The call is to all of us. It is up to us to decide when and if we will answer the call. Some people will go through what is called “the dark night of the soul”, a dark time when they are at their lowest point and have no other choice but to surrender. This experience is what will most likely trigger their awakening journey to begin. It cracks them open and forces them to surrender to something greater than themselves.

For me, it was living a life going through the motions until I was about to break. I had everything I wanted, or so I thought I wanted or needed, but I was exhausted. Inside of me something was missing. I grew up catholic, so I felt that I was a believer and “saved”, but why did I feel so lost and alone? I felt like I was carrying a weight on my shoulders, always on edge trying to keep it all together.

The Brilliant Butterfly is all of us. It is our journey to awakening. It is our journey to waking up from the deep sleep we somehow fell into. We pushed our hearts desires aside and settled for a life of rushing around hardly able to catch our breathes. We may try to numb ourselves with entertainment and alcohol only feeling more lost, unfulfilled, and bloated the next day. It never occurred to us to stop and think about how we are truly feeling. Why would we? Everyone else is doing the same thing we are. Don’t get me wrong, in between all of this there are the good times too, especially when we see our children happy. Their vibrant energy rubs off on us, but what happens when the kids are grown? When it becomes just us, husband and wife, or just you? At some point we will need to ask ourselves, what is my life all about? What is the purpose of my story really all about?

Looking back, I can remember when I would fall asleep from pure exhaustion from a busy morning with kids, chores, and errands. As my body started to relax, I would drift off to a place of pure bliss right before I would fall asleep. I craved this feeling and I wanted more of it, but I had no idea how to get more or what it was that brought this feeling on. It was like a remembrance. Maybe some of you have experienced this. I would have flashbacks of pure joy from when I was a child at play or when I was passionately in love as a teenager. It felt so good and yet I could not understand it and this would happen to me from time to time. The world would be shut out and it was just quiet enough for my heart to open and my soul to speak in the form of memories that evoked love. I now understand that it was a glimpse, a reminder of Heaven for in those times my mind was quiet enough to allow my heart to be open and love to flow freely, which tapped into Heaven. I was eager to get back to that place and live more in those feelings of love and remembrance and not to settle any longer for a life of just going through the motions. My Spiritual journey began and my search for truth has been going on now for almost eight years! It takes time as there are so many layers to remove from old childhood trauma and negative patterns.

This is what coaching can help you with. Together, we will peel back the layers that have covered your truth and has caused you to fall asleep to the magic of life. As these layers are being lifted, you will eventually break free and transform from sleepwalking into being fully alive. You will be clear and feel supported to move into the direction of what is fully aligned with your truth, your soul, where our Creator meets us.

We cannot do this alone. Although, we are never truly alone, it is incredibly helpful to work with a coach, especially one that has been there and has done the work. I will be taking on a few new clients this winter. Please go to my website, click on coaching and send me an email if interested.

The Four Keys we work on:

Desire= What do you truly want, from your heart? Desire is everything and without it not a thing can arise.

Intention= Each day ask; What is it that I most desire? What am I doing on this planet? What am I committed to?

Allowance= Egoic mind would teach you to strive, but from the heart you must trust and allow.

Surrender= Rest into the final stage; there is no longer restlessness. Life flows through you. In this stage there is perfect peace as the foundation, not for passivity, not for inactivity, but for even more activity.

Brilliant Butterfly Breakthrough (BBB) is in the works- This is a course I will offer for self-learning online at your own pace along side coaching with me or you could do the course on its own.

All my Love & Light,


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