Hi my name is Marcia and I am so very happy to meet you. I am a married mother of 4 beautiful, wild and crazy children. I have had my share of ups and downs thus far on this journey we call life which has brought me to a place of powerful awareness. I want to share with you and grow with you together as we continue to navigate the challenges that will make us or break us. The more awareness we carry with us the stronger we will become at recognizing when our old negative programming tries to creep in again. I have learned to detect the lower self from my higher self and have learned to love myself to know that it is safe and okay to listen and follow my heart which is always the higher self, the light within. In a world of crazy busy, perfectionism, and judgment we can STILL release from ourselves that which no longer serves us. Miracles are ours if we do the work to go within and find our passions and truth. I am with you.

I am a certified Spiritual Life Coach with Awakened Acadamy as well as self- educated Wellness Coach.

I look forward to working with you.

Love & Light, Marcia

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